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Plug & play – connect and start

With the plug & play solution connect4motion, we offer the most cost-effective solution for secure data and energy transfer.
Costly assembly times and the resulting high level of machine downtime are past and gone. connect4motion offers you a cable drag chain system that is tailored to your individual needs and professionally assembled. The cable drag chain, cables and assembly are tailored exactly to your needs and to the complex requirements of the industrial environment.

Time-consuming work steps such as opening the chain, installing the cables and hoses, stripping, crimping, soldering and fitting connectors, selecting the right strain relief and attaching the cable markings are inclusive and with a 100% quality control, we assure functional reliability.

connect4motion – benefits at a glance

  • A system supplier of the complete system with all components
  • Complete systems with perfectly matching components
  • Order-based delivery of customer-specific complete systems
  • Reduction of administrative costs through fewer suppliers
  • Reduction of storage costs through delivery of a complete system
  • Reduction of assembly times for machines and systems
  • Reduction of initial start-up times for machines and systems
  • Minimisation of machine downtimes through plug & play solutions
  • Concentration on core business through system solutions

Worldwide competence for cable drag chains

Strong partner of customized cable drag chains

Leader in cables and hoses